Brooklyn and Bailey

How Twins Fight | Brooklyn and Bailey
Published: 1 year ago
Ever wanted to know how twins fight? Do they yell, hit, spit, pull hair, or ignore each other? See in what ways we may disagree as twins! Want to win our 11" MacBook Air + Wireless Mobile...
Pop Tarts Challenge ft. Collins Key | Vlogmas Day 2 | Brooklyn and Bailey
Published: 11 months ago
DIRTY TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE with Sisters Brooklyn and Bailey: Subscribe to Collins, HERE: Click HERE...
Twin vs Twin Challenge | ft. the MerrellTwins
Published: 1 year ago
Click HERE to subscribe to our friends, the MerrellTwins: To see the other half of this collab on the MerrellTwins channel,...
The OTHER Parent Trap | Parody with Studio C
Published: 2 years ago
To see the Prom skit we filmed for this collab over on the StudioC channel, please click HERE {and subscribe while you are there}! We've quietly been super excited...
FUNNY SLiP-N-SLiDE GYMNASTiCS CHALLENGE! (ft. Hayley & Annie LeBlanc from Bratayley)
Published: 6 months ago
The Pizza Challenge | Brooklyn and Bailey
Published: 1 year ago
With finals last week, we didn't have time to film a video... so we dug deep into our archives and found footage for this Pizza Challenge that we filmed last summer! Watch our #BehindTheBraids...
Brooklyn and Bailey – SiMPLE THiNGS (Official Music Video)
Published: 6 months ago
Taking the Driver's License Test | Brooklyn and Bailey
Published: 1 year ago
Finished taking Driver's Ed and nervous to take the Driver's License Test? You'll love this video, then! If you haven't already subscribed to our Squared twin collab channel, please click...
7 MiLLiON ORBEEZ iN OUR SPA | Toy Scavenger Hunt Challenge with KamriNoel
Published: 5 months ago
SUBSCRIBE TO KAMRI'S CHANNEL ▷ Watch our REAL FOOD vs GUMMY FOOD challenge on Kamri's channel! While...
What Does Daxton Buy Paisley for Christmas? | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 8} | Brooklyn and Bailey
Published: 11 months ago
Vlogmas Day 8 + Secret Name Flat Iron Giveaway!!! Enter our 24-hour only SECRET giveaway, here! Merry Christmas! Today's...
The Gymnastics Challenge (Family Edition) | Funny Brooklyn and Bailey Challenges
Published: 9 months ago
We laughed so hard while filming this funny Family Gymnastics Challenge for you all! We mixed in some cheer and dance moves among the splits, back bends, and cartwheels, too! So, who made you...
Dating: Do's & Dont's | Brooklyn and Bailey
Published: 1 year ago
Click HERE to watch our new twin collab channel, Squared! _ So we had some friends of the family stay over this past weekend, and we all started...
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