Destinee Surprises Rob Leatham with 18 Consecutive A Zone Headshots! - FateofDestinee
Published: 4 years ago
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.500 MAGNUM IS FOR GIRLS! - FateofDestinee
Published: 6 years ago
Visit my new site! We post new firearms content every day @ Facebook - http://facebook.com/TheFateofDestinee Check out my friends at Fletcher Arms: ...
How to Shoot a Gun: Sight Picture Fundamentals FateofDestinee
Published: 3 years ago
Learn how to shoot a gun (or teach someone else) with FateofDestinee, starting with sight picture fundamentals. Torso Target by Action Targets: ...
Dueling Tree Massacre - FateofDestinee
Published: 4 years ago
Check out this dueling tree massacre! More shooting fun from the Roasted Nutz 4 shoot. More info on the Roasted Nutz event, including competitions like this ...
22plinkster Teaches Destinee Trickshot
Published: 2 years ago
http://youtube.com/user/22plinkster 22plinkster is a not only a great trickshot artist. He's a great teacher too! I realized that I had not uploaded this video ...
Concealed Carry: Pistol Wear Holster SHOT Show 2013
Published: 5 years ago
The Pistol Wear Holster seems like a good concealed carry holster option for me because of my running. I'll have to try their product out for sure. Buy Exclusive ...
S&W M&P Shield - FateofDestinee
Published: 6 years ago
Facebook - http://facebook.com/TheFateofDestinee Tweet - http://twitter.com/FateofDestinee Friend - http://facebook.com/FateofDestinee ...
S&W 500 MAGNUM VS CERAMIC POT - Destinee's Kitchen - FateofDestinee
Published: 1 year ago
Help support my friend, Kim's dream to become a makeup artist! http://bit.ly/WitteArt_Sub Hi Gun Geeks! Enjoy this 500 Magnum video! Destinee has been ...
Concealed Carry - Are You Prepared or Paranoid #FateofDestinee
Published: 5 years ago
In my recent video, Concealed Carry - Have You Had to Draw Your Gun? ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=Einih5fXQmE ), a thread of discussion arose in the ...
SHOT Show 2013 Windham Weaponry Carbon Fiber AR #SHOTShow FateofDestinee
Published: 5 years ago
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22plinkster Teaches FateofDestinee CARD SPLITTING TRICK SHOT
Published: 4 years ago
Visit 22plinkster's channel here: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=22plinkster In 22plinkster trick shot fashion, I'm going to split a playing ...
SHOT Show 2014 Media Day NEW Glock 41 & Glock 42 - FateofDestinee
Published: 4 years ago
http://fateofdestinee.com I got a chance to test fire the new Glock 41 and Glock 42. Stay tuned for more daily SHOT Show 2014 videos every day of the show, ...
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