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(KPOPSTAR6) 전민주 Jeon Minju -TAEYEON (태연) – WHY
Published: 11 months ago
(KPOPSTAR6) 전민주 Jeon Minju -TAEYEON (태연) – WHY.
Bts Namjoon talked about the ark (read description)
Published: 1 year ago
Look at the end! Namjoon said something and Jin looked at the ark, then Jhope, and then Jungkook near the end, at the end Yuna And Jane are dressed in ...
Why This kpop idol is different from others
Published: 7 months ago
Comment "Minju is awesome" if you read this !❤️follow my Instagram @minjoola my twitter @arkjeon.
Jeon Minju Before And After. (Natural)
Published: 2 years ago
She has had no surgery. Natural.
BTS Jimin and THIS idol are REALLY similar!
Published: 6 months ago
comment I love jimju if you read this.
The Unit: Main Dancer Suji
Published: 1 month ago
The ark Halla/ Suji of RGP former the ark Main dancer of the Unit Music belongs to blackpink and twice not mine.
Bts Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa
Published: 1 year ago
Fan made . No hate comments or you will be blocked !
We will miss Jeon MINJU
Published: 1 year ago
Goodbye MINJU. I hope that you find a company that won't throw you out and will respect you. Whenever you go whatever you do I will support you jeon minju.
The Ark Halla Predebut (Natural).
Published: 2 years ago
Lee Suji from the ark. Natural.
Jimin And Minju
Published: 1 year ago
I will be making more videos including about Jungkook and Halla Yujin and JIN Namjoon- Jhope- and Yuna All Bts and ark ships soon.
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