Espiritu Santo and Amazing Islands of Vanuatu

St Andrew's Day Church service, Rah island, Banks island, Vanuatu vol 1
Published: 6 years ago
I am not church person, but Father Luke invited me, he said the service combine church & custom... and it was very interesting. Boys from Motalava dancing in ...
Vanuatu - 30th Independence @ Espiritu Santo island Vol 3
Published: 8 years ago
Ceremony - Vil Vil Village custom dance(Pentecost island)
Vanuatu 30th Independence @Espiritu Santo vol 8
Published: 8 years ago
Independence day, VMF band march.
Vanuatu boy singing on Rah island.
Published: 8 years ago
We were having a holiday on tiny island called Rah in Banks islands of Vanuatu. Our family and children who became good friends of children on the island, we ...
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