Espiritu Santo and Amazing Islands of Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo, an adventure island, Vanuatu
Published: 7 years ago
Created few years ago. Welcome to Espiritu Santo island of Vanuatu. Back ground music by "Sentimental City Romance" in Japan... love it. Photographs taken ...
St Andrew's Day Church service, Rah island, Banks island, Vanuatu vol 1
Published: 5 years ago
I am not church person, but Father Luke invited me, he said the service combine church & custom... and it was very interesting. Boys from Motalava dancing in ...
Vanuatu, String Band in Lambot village, Gaua island,
Published: 8 years ago
The welcome song by Lambot village, Gaua Island. Singing about their lake, volcano & waterfall.
Vanuatu - 30th Independence @ Espiritu Santo island Vol 3
Published: 7 years ago
Ceremony - Vil Vil Village custom dance(Pentecost island)
Who's got Talent ? @ Village de Santo, Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
Published: 4 years ago
Youth music band and hiphop dancers got together @ Village de Santo resort, Espiritu Santo island of Vanuatu, to show off their talent !!!
Vanuatu - 30th Independence @ Espiritu Santo island
Published: 7 years ago
Opening ceremony, VMF(Vanuatu Mobile Force) band march.
Vanuatu boy singing on Rah island.
Published: 7 years ago
We were having a holiday on tiny island called Rah in Banks islands of Vanuatu. Our family and children who became good friends of children on the island, we ...
Grade Taking Ceremony at Leviamp village, Malekula Island, Vanuatu Vol 1
Published: 7 years ago
Very important ceremony for the people of Malekula. At Laviemp village did not had these ceremony for a long time, many young people didn't know the custom ...
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