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How 'Dude Perfect' Pulls Off Epic Trick Shots | Nightline | ABC News
Published: 3 years ago
They are the highflying, gravity-defying, trick-shot-making men behind the YouTube channel. Check out this interview with basket ball trick shot and extreme ...
Lebron James Pranks Pizza Customers
Published: 2 years ago
LeBron James works at Blaze Pizza, Surprises Customers | The basketball star worked behind the counter at a Blaze Pizza restaurant. SUBSCRIBE to ABC ...
Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments
Published: 2 years ago
Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.
Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Says He's 'Not Bipolar but 'Bi-Winning' (02.28.11)
Published: 7 years ago
The actor denies having psychological problems in exclusive interview. For more, click here: GMA on facebook: ...
Child Predator Finds A Target | What Would You Do? | WWYD | ABC News
Published: 3 years ago
Bystanders young girl meeting up with a stranger she met online who is clearly an online predator. Would you intervene on the child's behalf? Subscribe for ...
Hidden America l One of the Most Dangerous Schools in America | ABC News
Published: 5 years ago
Diane Sawyer looks at the courage and struggle to educate students under dangerous circumstances. Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia is one of ...
Jennifer Lawrence Interrupted by Jack Nicholson at Oscars | Good Morning America | ABC News
Published: 5 years ago
George Stephanopoulos talks to the Best Actress and Supporting Actress winners Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. Jack Nicholson makes waves ...
'Boy Meets World' Reunion 2013: Ben Savage, Cast Discuss Series, New Spinoff
Published: 5 years ago
Ben Savage joins hit-series' cast and show creator at the ATX Television Festival in Texas. For more on this story, click here: ...
Police Officer Saves a Child From Possible Abduction | ABC World News | ABC News
Published: 4 years ago
Police Officer Saves a Child From Possible Abduction at Oklahoma Walmart. The officer intervenes after stranger allegedly snatches child from shopping cart, ...
Inside the Day JonBenet Ramsey Was Found Dead: Part 1
Published: 1 year ago
The 6-year-old beauty queen was found dead in the family home's basement on the day after Christmas in 1996.
College football player's horrific 40 hours of being held hostage, tortured
Published: 11 months ago
Niko Kollias tells ESPN "Outside the Lines" about his ordeal while on the University of Rochester football team when he was shot and brutally beaten.
Edward Snowden Full Interview on Trump, Petraeus, & Having 'No Regrets'
Published: 1 year ago
Edward Snowden Interview on Trump, Petraeus, Having 'No Regrets' | Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric spoke to the fugitive whistleblower who leaked ...
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