human power video_0001.wmv
Published: 8 years ago
Human powered ideas built in my Workshop. Human powered Bull Dozer, Human powered fork lift, human powered shovel, human powered blender, leg power ...
backhoe instructional movie.
Published: 7 years ago
operating the towable backhoe efficiently, towable backhoe digging, how to operate a towable backhoe, digging dirt, home made digger, how to build a backhoe ...
Versatile Electric tractor For farm or construction.
Published: 2 years ago
A look at a small Electric Walk behind tractor that is built to operate detachable implements along with coupling it to the tow-able backhoe to make this the most ...
new towable backhoe
Published: 9 years ago
New style small backhoe that is unique and efficient, can run on batteries.
electric backhoe
Published: 9 years ago
battery powered backhoe, electric backhoe, electric towable backhoe, battery powered towable backhoe. do it yourself electric backhoe, diy backhoe, ...
Electric walk behind Tractor movie.
Published: 3 years ago
Electric Walk behind tractor working around the property doing everything from hauling dirt and gravel to firewood and plowing snow. Finish up with Road ...
Electric Tractor working
Published: 4 years ago
Electric chore tractor doing work around the property. the tractor does the hard work while you walk and guide it.
Solar Electric tractor/bulldozer/forklift
Published: 6 years ago
Solar electric tractor does earth moving and lifting chores, shows the stability added by the battery pack.
backhoe second run
Published: 2 years ago
Greens Machines Backhoe Walk around. New Tow-able backhoe with brand new hoses getting a test run before going into service. This backhoe is the size of a ...
New Tow-able backhoe trenching .
Published: 2 years ago
Using The Greens machines backhoe to dig a trench in hard ground for some outlets. 125 feet of trench in hard rocky ground in 3 1/2 hours. I built it myself and ...
Hybrid electric recumbent boat.wmv
Published: 5 years ago
home made Electric/human powered boat. Hybrid recumbent boat.
Introducing the new Electric tractor and backhoe unit from
Published: 2 years ago
Video to introduce the latest tractor and backhoe combination that has been tested and tortured. The machines can be built in the home shop with basic welding ...
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