Where are the Anti Cheese Edits?
Published: 1 year ago
The true story about what happened to the Anti-Cheese edits and why they aren't on Youtube anymore. You'll laugh- you'll cry- you'll finally stop asking me ...
The Phantom Cheese - The Anti-Menace Edit
Published: 2 years ago
Well, you guys asked for it, so you got it.... This is an ALL CHEESE edit from the Phantom Menace. It's the Bizarro version of my Anti-Cheese Edit. It's chock full of ...
Phantom Menace Anti-Cheese Edit Commentary Part 1
Published: 2 years ago
It's finally here! Part 1 of my commentary video for the Anti-Cheese edit of Phantom Menace! Many people have asked me tons of questions about how and why I ...
Attack of the Cheese - The Anti-Clones Edit
Published: 2 years ago
I really don't know why you guys are such gluttons for punishment, but you asked for this too, so here it is. The ALL-CHEESE Edit of Attack of the Clones. This is ...
iPhone4 vs HTC Evo- The "Safe For Work" version
Published: 7 years ago
Edited version of the iPhone4 vs HTC Evo. Original version by tinywatchproductions. I thought the original was hilarious, but it was too salty to send to any of my ...
Yoda vs Dooku fight edit comparison
Published: 2 years ago
Well, I got some great feedback from my other video with the modified edit of Yoda vs. Dooku. You can see that one here: ...
Phantom Menace Anti-Cheese Edit Commentary Part 2
Published: 2 years ago
Here's Part 2 of the Phantom Menace Anti-Cheese Edit Commentary! I finish up the commentary video by discussing exciting topics such as: - Fart and Poop ...
JeremyMWest-Esquire Channel
Published: 11 years ago
Han Solo Apple Switch Parody
Published: 2 years ago
This is an oldie but a goodie- I made this Han Solo Apple switch commercial parody back in 2003 and it was part of the official LucasFilm fan film competition that ...
Vader's Scream Edit from Revenge of the Sith
Published: 2 years ago
Alright folks- It's your turn again to give me your feedback on an edit I'm working on. The NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that Vader mutters at the end of Revenge of ...
Yoda and Dooku fight without sabers in Attack of the Clones
Published: 2 years ago
OK guys- this is your chance to be heard. I'm working on a new edit of Attack of the Clones, primarily so I can have a version uploaded in 1080, but I'm making a ...
Star Wars: Prodition
Published: 5 years ago
A Star Wars Parody made for the LucasFilm Fan Film competition. This film stars Tyler West, Ryan West, Alec Mangum, Scott Till and Jeremy West.
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