Misty Morning-Bob Marley
Published: 8 years ago
another pearl of wisdom from the great Bob Marley. This comes from the album Kaya.
Wave by João Gilberto
Published: 8 years ago
A beautiful rendition of the Jobim composition, sung by João Gilberto. The original title is Vou de Contar.
Harvest Time-Dianne Reeves
Published: 9 years ago
a song that celebrates the productivity of nature. lyrics: oh oh oh ( Reeves scats till 0:45) Sometimes I wonder if everything's under a plan for us all Doesn't it ...
Alcoba Azul-Lila Downs
Published: 9 years ago
a song of carnal passion from the Frida soundtrack. One of my favorites. Enjoy it fully.
Batuca No Chão~Martinho da Vila
Published: 7 years ago
sparkling with life!!
Rios, Pontes, Overdrives~Chico Science and Nação Zumbi
Published: 7 years ago
From Recife, Pernambuco, Brasll.
East River Drive~Russ Freeman
Published: 8 years ago
a remake of the Grover classic .... performed by Russ Freeman.
Some Other Spring-Billie Holiday
Published: 9 years ago
a homage to lost love sung by an incredible beauty, Billie Holiday.
Seven Days-Sting ( original version)
Published: 9 years ago
A ballad of love and time. Just a great song. Enjoy it fully!!
Neide Candolina ~ Caetano Veloso
Published: 8 years ago
a ballad of how a black woman transcends poverty through hard work. From the album Circulado.
São Paulo by David Benoit
Published: 3 years ago
The seventh track from Every Step of the Way (1988).
Sigi Kuruni~ Oumou Sangare.
Published: 9 years ago
from the Malian songbird, Oumou Sangare.
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