Smart Drug Smarts

Episode 46 - Improving on Piracetam with Noopept
Published: 3 years ago
Dr. Rita Ostrovskaya, world-leading expert and co-creator of Noopept, joins us to shed some light on this new-to-the-scene nootropic. About Smart Drug Smarts ...
Episode 82 - Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Published: 2 years ago
Tune in to our first ever fungal episode where Eric Cerecedes joins Jesse for a wildly interesting conversation about Lion's Mane mushrooms. About Smart Drug ...
Episode 141- Hypnosis: When Imagination Takes Control
Published: 1 year ago
Listen to Episode 141 for a double interviewee whammy, with both Dr. Spiegel and Jeff Jordan, the world's tallest hypnotist (but how can you look into his eyes ...
Episode 105 - The Racetam Family
Published: 2 years ago
Whether you're complete strangers or bosom buddies with the Racetam family, Jesse and Dr. Andrew Hill will make you feel welcome and get you introduced to ...
Episode 10 - Biochemist Phil Micans On The Racetam Family of Pharmaceuticals
Published: 3 years ago
Jesse interviews biochemist and pharmacist Phil Micans, advisor to both the London Anti-Aging Conference and British Longevity Society. With his Master's ...
Episode 116 - Psilocybin and the Potential for “Psychedelic Therapies”
Published: 2 years ago
Dr. Frederick Barrett discusses recent and upcoming studies into psilocybin — the psychoactive ingredient that puts the “magic” in magic mushrooms.
Episode 33 - Dr. James Wilson on Adrenal Fatigue
Published: 3 years ago
Jesse interviews Dr. James Wilson on the topic of topic of adrenal fatigue. About Smart Drug Smarts Smart Drug Smarts is the leading podcast for people curious ...
Episode 124- Cannabidiol: THC'S Legal Sibling
Published: 2 years ago
In episode 124, Jesse speaks with athlete and author Ben Greenfield about why CBD might be the star utility player missing from your medicine cabinet.
Episode 41 - Daniel Kim Shapiro on Beetroot Juice and Cognition
Published: 3 years ago
Jesse speaks to Daniel Kim-Shapiro, Director of the Translational Science Center at Wake Forest University and expert on this week's topic: beetroot juice.
Episode 11 - Dr Neal Barnard Advises Moving Toward a Plant-Based Diet
Published: 3 years ago
Dr. Barnard is a world-renowned nutrition expert and outspoken vegan, and the author of 15 books and host of three PBS television specials. He specializes in ...
Episode 155 - Microdosing LSD with Dr. James Fadiman
Published: 1 year ago
Dr. James Fadiman is one of the godfathers of LSD research and pioneers into its applications for therapy and psychological exploration. Here he discusses ...
Episode 1 - Dr Ward Dean on Life Extension and Brain Maximization
Published: 4 years ago
Dr. Dean explains how his groundbreaking book evolved from a technical manual for his patients into a widely-known book to improve brain activity through ...
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