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My Life After 44 Years In Prison
Published: 2 years ago
Otis Johnson went to jail at the age of 25. When he got out at 69, he rejoined a world that was starkly different from the one he remembered. This is his story.
Tesla activates world's biggest battery
Published: 6 days ago
Tesla has activated a lithium-ion battery big enough to power 30000 homes in South Australia. Tesla, the US technology giant, has started up the world's largest ...
Earthrise - Japan's Future Farms
Published: 2 years ago
By 2050, the world will need to feed an additional 2.5 billion people living in cities. Yet as the demand for food rises, the amount of land available for agriculture ...
Qatar: Japan portable farm heads to Doha
Published: 7 years ago
A high-tech portable vegetable farm designed and built in Japan will soon be heading to Qatar. The innovative project is part of an effort by the desert gulf state ...
Nepal's first billionaire explains his success
Published: 4 years ago
A man who turned noodles into a multi-million dollar business has become the first Nepalese to make it into the Forbes magazine rich list. He tells Al Jazeera's ...
Explainer: The War in Yemen Explained in 3 minutes
Published: 5 months ago
Yemen has been facing its worst humanitarian crisis in decades. Thousands of people have been killed and millions have been displaced after Saudi Arabia ...
China unveils world's most powerful computer
Published: 4 years ago
Subscribe to our channel Chinese scientists have unveiled a supercomputer twice as powerful as any existing machine. Aside from the ...
My Disability Won't Stop Me from Being a Mom
Published: 1 year ago
There's no love like a mother's love. Valeria Rodriguez Fontenla, a single mother in Argentina with a debilitating disease, overcomes incredible odds for her ...
Egypt-Ethiopia tensions over new dam rise again
Published: 10 days ago
Ethiopia is pushing on with construction of its massive new dam, despite growing objections from Egypt. The controversial project has strained relations between ...
Jose Mujica: 'I earn more than I need' - Talk to Al Jazeera
Published: 4 years ago
The man described as the world's 'poorest president' discusses Uruguay's move to legalise marijuana.
Brexit deal stalls over Ireland border dispute
Published: 2 days ago
Britain and the European Union say they are confident of reaching an agreement on Brexit withdrawal terms, despite no deal being announced on Monday.
Zimbabwe tensions: Military seizes power, denies coup
Published: 22 days ago
Tension and uncertainty are growing in Zimbabwe after the army announced it has seized power. The military says it wants to target criminals around President ...
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