2-year-old and garbage man's special bond is priceless
Published: 3 years ago
Do you remember your first friend? Two-year-old Deacon Ross has made his first friend, and it's a pretty special relationship. For more heartwarming stories of ...
See this baby polar bear grow up in under 2 minutes
Published: 2 years ago
An adorable time-lapsed video of a baby polar bear shows the stages of her growing up. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful.
Boys' reaction to bullying will melt your heart
Published: 3 years ago
After a group of 5th grade boys noticed a classmate with a learning disability getting teased, they banded together and made him a part of their gang.
Losing wrestler's sportsmanship wows crowd
Published: 4 years ago
After a high school wrestler lost the state title, his kind gesture toward his opponent shocked the crowd. For more Inspiring stories like this one click here: ...
Little girl's most hilarious moments go viral
Published: 11 months ago
Here are the funniest 6-second-moments of this little girl's life to date. We can't stop laughing. Video Courtesy Katie Ryan.
Mom texts dead son to cope with grief, gets text back
Published: 2 years ago
Taylor Thyfault was hit and killed during a high-speed chase in May 2015. Since then, his mother has been texting his old phone as a way to deal with her grief.
Toddler's dog isn't only a playmate, he's a life saver
Published: 3 years ago
In 2012, we met a little girl named Alida and her dog Mr. Gibbs. He was more than just her playmate though, he was also looking after her. Watch the video to ...
Toddler ignores military rules, runs to mom, becomes viral sensation!
Published: 3 years ago
A 3-year-old boy could not wait for his mom to be dismissed after serving nine months in Afghanistan with the National Guard. As soon as he saw her, he ran ...
Mom: 'We are broken' after loss of septuplets
Published: 3 years ago
A former Carolina Panthers player and his wife open up about the loss of their septuplets and how they are still hopeful for the future.
What Dakota Johnson tells friends before they see '50 Shades'
Published: 1 year ago
A fully bearded Jamie Dornan stretches out a leg on top of a journalist's knee. “Do you mind if I put my feet up?” he grins, as Dakota Johnson laughs next to him.
Boy thinks dad forgot his birthday, gets major surprise
Published: 1 year ago
12-year-old Braheim Fowler thought his dad forgot about his birthday and sulks in the car on the way to his baseball game. His spirits are soon lifted after Dad ...
'Gilmore Girls' on missing Edward Herrmann
Published: 1 year ago
Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, stars of 'The Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life' tell USA TODAY's Bill Keveney about filming the reunion mini-series without ...
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