Small act of kindness leads to a 5000% tip
Published: 3 years ago
After helping a young boy who didn't have enough money to pay for his treat, a cashier got a surprise of his own. Find out how frozen custard brought two ...
After 37 years, trooper makes emotional final radio call
Published: 5 months ago
Trooper Mark Gilberg started his job with the Arizona Department of Public Safety on March 11, 1981. 37 years later, he signs off one last time. Be Smarter.
2-year-old and garbage man's special bond is priceless
Published: 3 years ago
Do you remember your first friend? Two-year-old Deacon Ross has made his first friend, and it's a pretty special relationship. For more heartwarming stories of ...
Watch how this orphan reacts when she meets her new 'momma'
Published: 3 years ago
It was an emotional scene as dozens of special needs children from China arrived to meet their foster families in Texas. Like every mom would, Audrey Shook ...
Teen receives scholarship after act of kindness goes viral
Published: 6 months ago
A moment captured in a picture also captured the attention of thousands on social media. A teen working at Waffle House is now being rewarded with a big ...
Stranger Things: How well does the cast know each other?
Published: 2 years ago
Stranger Things are happening. Again. The smash Netflix show of the summer, Stranger Things, will be returning for a second season in 2017, the streaming ...
See this baby polar bear grow up in under 2 minutes
Published: 2 years ago
An adorable time-lapsed video of a baby polar bear shows the stages of her growing up. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful.
See why boy's story brings anchor to tears
Published: 4 years ago
Fourteen-year-old Ke'onte is full of life and laughter - largely because of his parents and partially because of WFAA anchor Gloria Campos. For more ...
Mom comes face-to-face with her son’s killer in court
Published: 8 months ago
This mom came face to face with the teen who murdered her son. Courtroom veterans had never seen a response like hers.
This teacup poodle rides elevators to visit friends
Published: 3 years ago
This black teacup poodle named Nala is making everyone smile at a nursing home in Minnesota. She scurries from room to room, even riding the elevator by ...
Meet Budweiser's littlest Clydesdales
Published: 3 years ago
They're known as gentle giants - a breed of horses plucked out of the pastures of Scotland are now world-famous for their beer roots in St. Louis. Get an ...
Man gets 100 pound growth removed from scrotum
Published: 3 years ago
A Michigan man is over 100lbs lighter after having a large tumor removed from his scrotum.
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