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Oscar for the funniest speech goes to...
Published: 5 years ago
The Best Actress winner at the 2013 Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence, brushes off questions about tripping up during the ceremony with the funniest interview of the ...
Robert Downey Jr asks forgiveness for Mel Gibson
Published: 6 years ago
At an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Robert Downey Jr pays tribute to Mel Gibson and asks Hollywood to forgive him for his recent problems.
Frozen in time: inside the WW1 soldier's room left untouched for 100 years
Published: 3 years ago
French soldier Hubert Rochereau's room has been left exactly as it was when he went to fight - and die - for his country in the First World War 96-years-ago.
President Barack Obama's best moments on camera
Published: 1 year ago
As Barack Obama prepares to say a final farewell to the Oval Office, we look back at some of the most popular clips that feature his best moments on camera as ...
President Obama cracks some brilliant dad jokes during Thanksgiving turkey pardon
Published: 2 years ago
President Obama tries his best to embarrass Sasha and Malia, but manages to get a few laughs from his patient daughters Get the latest headlines ...
Meet the man with a WW1 trench in his back garden
Published: 4 years ago
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Kate Middleton and Prince William duel with wands like Harry Potter
Published: 5 years ago
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have duelled with wands like wizards from the Harry Potter movies after they were given a crash course in the magical arts ...
Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods in new Nike ad
Published: 5 years ago
The world number 1 golfer has announced his £155 million sponsorship deal with Nike with a new TV advert featuring Tiger Woods. In the new one minute ...
Obama plays Daniel Day-Lewis in hilarious movie spoof
Published: 5 years ago
President Obama stars as Daniel Day-Lewis in Steven Spielberg's spoof follow-up to Lincoln, entitled 'Obama,' in a sketch made for the White House ...
ZZ Top: Billy Gibbons interview
Published: 10 years ago
Billy Gibbons, lead singer of ZZ Top, tells Hillary Alexander how he came to trade his Texan Stetson hat.
Deaf woman hears for the first time
Published: 4 years ago
The moment a woman, who had been deaf since birth and never heard a sound, hears for the first time and has her life transformed has been captured on film.
May tells Bercow 'at least someone got a landslide'
Published: 1 year ago
Theresa May congratulates John Bercow on his re-election saying 'at least someone got a landslide'. Get the latest headlines: ...
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