Mark Rober

Published: 1 month ago
Prepare to drop some knowledge next time you visit the carnival. Go expand your mind and learn something new at The first 300 people (they opened this up to first 2000) get...
Gorilla lured by iPhone- how-to demo
Published: 5 years ago
A simple trick to get you some AWESOME zoo footage with only a camera phone. If you love or hate (or are ambivalent towards) gorillas you are gonna really like this. For those who've wisely...
24 EASY Hi-Tech Halloween Costumes I invented
Published: 3 years ago
Here are 24 easy costume ideas that will make you the most awesome person at your Halloween Party this year! Get any of the costumes shown at Morph Costumes:
Hot Wheels STUNT RACE- Slow Mo (2500 FPS)
Published: 7 months ago
This is the Hot Wheels race of my childhood dreams. It's a little different of a vid for me but I wanted to learn how to film like the pros. Learn more about your actual DNA from 23andMe here:...
Watermelon smoothie hack in 2 minutes- No mess
Published: 4 years ago
Here is a simple trick to make you the boss of the picnic. Create a refreshing watermelon smoothie with essentially no mess in 2 minutes. I make videos like this once a month all year long...
NASA's Curiosity landing- 1 of her creator's POV
Published: 5 years ago
I was able to work on NASA JPL's Curiosity Mars Rover for 7 years. This video is an attempt to capture what it felt like to have 7 years of your life vindicated in the 7 minute landing. Honestly...
DRONE Solar System Model- How far is Planet 9?
Published: 1 year ago
I heart space but sometimes it can be hard to comprehend. I try to fix that in this video with junk you can find lying around your house. Also, if you've wondered how there could be a ninth...
25 MILLION Orbeez in a pool- Do you sink or float?
Published: 1 year ago
Kevin (aka The Backyard Scientist) and I filled a pool with 25 million waterballs (aka Orbeez) so I could settle an argument about how far you sink if you jump in. Go watch Kevin's video-...
iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT
Published: 3 years ago
This is a new way for bad guys to steal your ATM pin code using an iPhone without you noticing at all BUT there is a really simple way to prevent it from happening. ***MUSIC*** All music...
Published: 1 year ago
I made the world's largest Nerf gun to defend my honor. CHECK OUT AND SUB RYAN AND DAVID'S CHANNEL: /c/eclecticalengineering FREE Audio Book-
Automatic Bullseye, MOVING DARTBOARD
Published: 8 months ago
I have been working on this board for over 3 years. Super pumped to finally share it with all y'all. Start your first month of any razor for just $1:
Turtles or Snakes- Which do cars hit more? ROADKILL EXPERIMENT
Published: 5 years ago
I read a long time ago that people will swerve more to hit turtles over snakes... and as a firm believer in the scientific method, I decided to test this hypothesis. CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING:...
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