Anthony J. Sloan

James Small on African systems of Rites of Passage
Published: 1 year ago
Here Professor Small talks about African reincarnation and other matters of Rites of Passage. Interestingly enough when he begins talking about Oya the wind is ...
Historian shows...and suggests basic Black History books
Published: 5 years ago
Professor James "Buddy" Conyers suggests African history books you should have access to for basic study in African American (and by extension) African ...
Qamata explained by a Villager
Published: 3 years ago
My little Brother, Masixole Micheal Peter, informs me about the god concept expressed in amaXhosa culture through Qamata. Masixole is a community organizer ...
The State of Education SouthAfrica
Published: 6 years ago
A polemical essay about contemporary education. Directed by Dave Dornbrack. BITCOIN CONTRIBUTIONS: 722fce22-5e9f-42fc-a378-2da90f5d267a.
Pura on The Wound
Published: 8 months ago
In coming to Grahamstown, here in the Eastern Cape of Southern Africa, theBrother had hooked up with a musician friend he has known since his Cape Town ...
Dr Maestro Choral master
Published: 2 years ago
Mr. Makhaya Mjana, a he does it. BITCOIN CONTRIBUTIONS: 722fce22-5e9f-42fc-a378-2da90f5d267a.
return from the Initiation House_pt 3
Published: 4 years ago
Boys to Men in the Eastern Cape, Mavuso Village, December 2013. BITCOIN CONTRIBUTIONS: 722fce22-5e9f-42fc-a378-2da90f5d267a.
Qamata explained by a Scholar
Published: 3 years ago
Brother Mziwamadoda "Zwai" Pongolo is a Post Graduate scholar in theology at the (historic) University of Fort Hare. Here we are chatting a bit about the god ...
Anthony J. Sloan Channel
Anthony J. Sloan
Published: 10 years ago
The channel posts the commentary series Dispatches from the ArtsDirector Emeritus. I also use the channel to post videos i've recorded in conjunction with my ...
Random Dispatches Playlist
Random Dispatches
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Wakanda Playlist
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