Anna Akana

Ghouls Night In
Published: 3 years ago
HAPPY HALLOWEEN Thank you patrons for funding this sketch :) Melissa Hunter - Megan Rosati -...
Why girls shouldn't play hard to get
Published: 1 year ago
Girls think that playing hard to get is the best way to go. But just think - if you go after what you want, you too could be riding the ginger of your dreams. The next Mac Air winner will...
Take Your Birth Control
Published: 1 month ago
This is a book excerpt adaptation from So Much I Want To Tell You: Letters To My Little Sister Available now ▷ Adapted by Anna Akana & Maggie Levin Director Jackson...
How to put on your face // Anna Akana
Published: 3 years ago
The power of make up is incredible, but the power of you is cray cray. I'm an actress who can't stop making things. Management - The Coronel Group - Leanne Coronel Theatrical - Greene &...
Afflicted, Inc. - Short film
Published: 3 years ago
The creative director at Afflicted, Inc. comes to a decision. The man behind the monsters: Written & Directed by Anna Akana Produced by Kaja Martin http://youtube....
Mean girls. // Anna Akana
Published: 4 years ago
Apparel- For the 4 years you put in. Congratulations. Subscribe for a new video next Monday (or don't. I ain't Regina George.) For all of you asking, I got my clothing...
please don't kill yourself // Anna Akana
Published: 4 years ago
Surviving Suicide: It was a hard decision whether or not to put this up. I mean, I have no make up on, there's clearly lotion under my eyebrow that I didn't rub...
Types of Introverts (w/Tessa Violet)
Published: 1 year ago
Stank Face, how you plague cat lovers everywhere. But don't let it deter you! We shall find a cure soon.... SOON. #StopStankFace Thanks Tessa! Apparel - http://..
I've Been
Published: 3 years ago
This was a test to check focus and frame, but I ended up singing the whole song. Instead of doing take after take trying to perfect my performance, I figured I'd put this up since it's the...
Miss 2059 Official Trailer
Published: 1 year ago
Miss 2059 will be out exclusively on go90 on June 21, 2016! The app is free and the series is dope sauce. Download the mobile app here: Apparel - http://GhostAndStars...
So self-conscious // Anna Akana
Published: 4 years ago
My clothing line: For all the times you were self-conscious about stupid shit. Subscribe for a new video next Monday (or don't. I ain't yo daddy) Say herro! http://..
When It's Okay To Be A Bitch || Anna Akana
Published: 3 years ago
Ghost & Stars posters: Share on facebook: Tweet the video: ALL HAIL AUDIBLE: (Also FYI...
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