Initial D - Running in The 90s
Published: 8 years ago
11/5/2010 - 50000 views! 1/22/2011 - 75000+ Views! 4/20/2011 - 100000+ Views!! 2/28/2012 - 250k+ Views!! 3/8/2013 - 500k+ Views!!! 7/26?/2017- 10 MILLION ...
Final Fantasy XIII - Chapter 11 - Beginner Gil Farming 6,000 gil
Published: 8 years ago
Read for more info*** Alright guys, heres a beginners guide for farming Gil on chapter 11. Do and complete mission 24 over and over and you get a item as a ...
Destiny - Getting Mida Multi-Tool
Published: 3 years ago
Third from ROC strike Note: Surprised I got this many views..guess Mida before nerf was somehow became OP thanks to constant nerfs, but for you Year 2 guys ...
PS Vita Flashing Blue Light of Death 2.10/2.11 OFW (Plus fix)
Published: 5 years ago
Well i just found out the thing i was experiencing was the Blue light of Death. I never really looked into it till just today. So if you knew about this, then don't point ...
Tales of Xillia: Specialist in Rare Monsters Trophy **Fast Method**
Published: 4 years ago
For those of you that have trouble finding rare monsters, heres a simple way to find them. Most of the time they pop up every 1 - 5+ times going in and out.
DJMAX RESPECT - 777 Combo (Hidden Trophy)
Published: 5 months ago
Getting the 777 combo trophy.!/tid=CUSA08621_00.
COD:WAW (COD5) Glitches Map:Castle
Published: 9 years ago
READ** This Glitch is now patched so dont try to do it on a real match cuz if you try to do it ill just watch you run back and forth rubbin the wall like a retard then ill ...
Published: 9 years ago
Heres me showing you my PSP with the 5.02 GEN-A CFW. Also the 5.02 GEN-A DOES play ISO/CSO games IF on the update you choose the FULL version.
Wii Sports - Bowling Gameplay
Published: 7 years ago
Yes as you can see i just got my Wii today. and right now im pretty satisfied with it. Btw, i got the last Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Red Mario Wii bundle so it ...
Destiny - Getting Vision of Confluence Adept
Published: 1 year ago
Running it every week and the Vision either version eludes me until now. Now to get the non adept and not the millionth Corrective Measure every damn time.
Final Fantasy XV Videos Playlist
Final Fantasy XV Videos
Published: 1 year ago
Black Ops 3 Videos Playlist
Black Ops 3 Videos
Published: 1 year ago
BO3 Vids don't play much anymore since too bored to the guns and not bother with the supply drop weapon grind especially if 80% is stupid melee weapons.
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