Millie T

Published: 1 year ago
SUBSCRIBE TO SAFFRON!!- We held hands with strangers, danced in public and more EXTREME public dares! My Vlog Channel (Click ...
I Wore Wish Clothing for An Entire Week! *EMBARRASSING*
Published: 5 months ago
So I ordered some VERY cheap and questionable clothes from Wish and had to wear them for an entire week... was it a success? My Vlog Channel (Click to ...
DIRTY Never Have I Ever Challenge *EXPOSED*
Published: 8 months ago
So we play never have I ever and a LOT of drama gets leaked and you find out a LOT about The Social Climbers. It's VERY messy... My Vlog Channel (Click to ...
Trying $3 Items I Bought From Wish! *SUCCESS!!*
Published: 1 year ago
I was SO impressed with the cheap af items I purchased off Wish! I tested $3 clothes, beauty tools, CRAZY items & more!! Please don't forget to leave a 'like' for ...
Published: 2 years ago
In this video I tell you all about my MAC Horror Story! Please don't forget to leave a comment so I am able to respond! My Vlog Channel (Click to subscribe!)
I Tried Living Off ONLY Poundland Products For 24 Hours... *Ouch*
Published: 4 days ago
I bought EVERYTHING from Poundland. Food, razors, makeup, earphones, nails etc. I definitely had a few allergic reactions too... I tried living off £1 for a day My ...
Recreating & Reacting To My Subscribers Musicallys 2017!
Published: 1 year ago
Recreating & reacting to my subscribers musical.lys that you sent me on twitter! Leave a 'thumbs up' for a part 2 and tweet me your usernames with ...
My Mum Chooses My Outfit For An ENTIRE WEEK! *DISASTER*
Published: 9 months ago
So my mum went online shopping and chose what clothes I wore for an ENTIRE week. I had no say in it and the results were... painful First EVER merch drop!
Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge *EXTRA AF*
Published: 2 months ago
I became a diva and did the ugly location photoshoot challenge. We DEFINITELY found some questionable places... My Vlog Channel (Click to subscribe!)
The ULTIMATE Mcdonalds Mukbang! (exposing each other for views)
Published: 1 month ago
Possibly the beefiest and messiest video you will watch... COMPLETELY UNCENSORED. You guys gave us topics to talk about and we told you EVERYTHING.
I SPENT $800 ON FASHION NOVA!! (Umm are you for real?!)
Published: 4 months ago
I went onto Fashion Nova and spent £800 to see if it was a scam or legit and I was SHOCKED... The TRUTH about Fashion Nova! My Vlog Channel (Click to ...
I Tried Being A Teen Mum For A Week...
Published: 25 days ago
For 5 days I took on the role of a teen mum and things did NOT go as expected and this challenge of being a mum was definitely memorable... My Vlog Channel ...
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