Scary Story Time With Liam

How do I Sleep? (Original Creepypasta) [ANIMATED]
Published: 4 years ago
Original Story* Typos for daaayyysss!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You are all so dang awesome! Hope you like the story and animations :D ...
Gat Ritzy's Continuance Cube - Song 【Electro Swing】
Published: 1 year ago
Original Song* Ladies and Gentleman, step right on up to witness the eighth wonder of the world, "Gat Ritzy's Continuance Cube!" Where do our souls go when ...
Necromancer - Song [EDM]
Published: 2 years ago
Nothing really to report on this one, just a semi-spooky dance song! Links to my other stuff? Oh, sure, I guess since you asked! --- Patreon: ...
The Silence Experiment (Creepypasta) [Feat. King Spook and Zero the Killer]
Published: 4 years ago
Original Story* I'm quite certain that KingSpook murdered twelve angels and stole their vocal chords, so check out his stuff at: ...
Ponder's Theme - Song【Electro Swing】
Published: 1 year ago
Original Song* Not much is known about Ponder. Biological or mechanical, Ponder's hive mind consciousness seems to permeate several creatures resembling ...
Design - Season 2 [Part 7] FINAL PART
Published: 3 years ago
Original Story* Not exactly the happy ending you were naively hoping for eh? :D You better freaking go support the hell out of Kate! Soundcloud: ...
SSTWL + XData - Kali's Theme 【PuppetGAME OST】
Published: 11 months ago
Created by SSTWL and XData* As a "Left Hand," Subject 12 is the corpse of a girl named Kali Aimes, now controlled by a parasitic being capable of telekinetic ...
Door Guy's Theme【PuppetGAME OST】
Published: 1 year ago
Original Song * Get it here on SoundCloud: As a Ghoul, "Door Guy" can can impersonate any voice, appears to have limited ...
How do you Know It's Really Me? (Original CreepyPasta)
Published: 2 years ago
Original Story* Sometimes it's the little games in life that make death a bit more fun. A quick spook video for those of you who are too spooked by long spooks.
Peripherals (CreepyPasta)
Published: 5 years ago
Original Story* DARN YOU EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Music:
Platform 419 (CreepyPasta)
Published: 4 years ago
Original Story* Yeah . . . You could say that I committed to making the background for this video! :D Those animated waves!!!! Haha, all horror stories, by default, ...
Design Season 3 [Part 3]
Published: 2 years ago
Original Series* A shorter episode this time, only including the Homebound Arc. I think you'll find that it's plenty intense enough to stand as it's own episode, ...
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