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Facebook 2015 Year in Review
Published: 2 years ago
Tried to find this video in YouTube but couldn't find it. So here it is... As the year draws to a close, we remember what brought us together in 2015, and look ...
Chiat/Day. Nike summer
Published: 8 years ago
Nike's most upbeat slice of California life shines through in this "I Love LA" spot for Nike. Randy Newman in an old red Buick, cruising down the boulevards ...
Chiat/Day 20th aniversary
Published: 8 years ago
Montage to celebrate Chiat/Day's 20th aniversary (by the agency audiovisual department).
Telefonica (Alejandro Sanz) by Lorenzo Bennassar
Published: 6 years ago
Audiovisual worldwide branding identity creation for the 11 brands of Telefonica.
My Reel Playlist
My Reel
Published: 6 years ago
Chiat/Day Playlist
Published: 8 years ago
A compilation of Chiat/Day's tv commercial.
Lorenzo Bennassar Channel
Lorenzo Bennassar
Published: 9 years ago
All brands have a “why” that dictates the direction they're heading to (otherwise they're just a logo, not a brand). My job is finding the most attractive and elegant ...
My Top Videos Playlist
My Top Videos
Published: 9 years ago
Telefónica. 2004 Spain's last commercial of the year.
Published: 7 years ago
This commercial was the last commercial in Spain in 2004. Aired only once, at 23:55 on december the 31st, it had an aproximate audience of 12 million ...
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