Niki and Gabi

Published: 2 years ago
How Sisters Fight! Niki and Gabi Alright guys. We're showing you the REALNESS of our relationship as sisters. Yes we get along, but do we bicker? YES.
Friends Guess Who Bought What! Shopping Challenge!! Niki and Gabi
Published: 9 months ago
Three friends, Niki, Gabi, and Bethany Mota, are challenged to a new type of Shopping Challenge where friends guess who bought what! Each girl has to buy ...
Boyfriends Buy Outfits for Girlfriends! The Shopping Challenge 2017! Niki and Gabi
Published: 1 year ago
A boyfriend video and shopping haul combined?! our BOYFRIENDS buy our OUTFITS for the shopping challenge 2017! So we recently did a shopping ...
How we Dressed in Middle School
Published: 3 months ago
Ohhh middle school. ohhh early 2000's. ohhh the fashion.. This is how we dressed about a decade ago in 2007. A bit cringey, filled with jonas brothers, ...
We Let Delivery Guys Buy our Outfits! Niki and Gabi
Published: 3 months ago
And we're back with yet another SHOPPING CHALLENGE! Except this isn't any other shopping challenge.. in this, we let strangers spend our money && let ...
If Apps were People! Niki and Gabi
Published: 2 years ago
If Apps were People! Niki and Gabi In this video we show you if apps were real, apps in real life, and how apps would be if they were people! What's your most ...
Opposite Twins Birthday Gift Exchange! Niki and Gabi
Published: 1 month ago
We're twins and we're opposite, so we thought it'd be interesting to shop for eachother for our birthday, exhange gifts on camera, and see how well we know ...
Opposite Twins Swap Boyfriends for a Weekend!
Published: 7 months ago
We can't really get much more opposite.. so we decided to swap boyfriends for a week! Let us know if you want to see more videos like this! Subscribe here ...
Different Types of Teachers!
Published: 1 year ago
Different Types of Teachers! Niki and Gabi This is one of our Back to School 2016 videos about Different Types of Teachers in High School! SUBSCRIBE!
Annoying Things Roommates Do in College! Niki and Gabi
Published: 11 months ago
NIKI and GABI BACK TO SCHOOL! Back to School 2017 woo!! Have you ever had a roommate? If not, you'll see the struggles everyone deals with if they've ever ...
Hilarious TWIN Style Swap + Transformations
Published: 1 year ago
DOWNLOAD COOKING FEVER HERE: In this video we, Niki and Gabi, show you a HILARIOUS Twin Style Swap and Twin ...
TESTING FOREVER 21 MAKEUP ft. Alisha Marie, NataliesOutlet + MamaMiaMakeUp
Published: 1 year ago
This is a collab w/ ALISHA MARIE, NATALIESOUTLET & MAMAMIAMAKEUP and we TEST PRODUCTS!! Woooo. This is a Niki and Gabi video without Gabi, ...
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