MundaneMatt DOXED!!!
Published: 2 years ago
This is me. Blackmail Email: ReviewTechUSA Video: /watch?v=jb3W5uvmXfw Enjoy.
[Internet] Let's talk about why MTV News hates White Men
Published: 11 months ago
Its the end of 2016, which means its time for those 2017 New Year's Resolutions. MTV News decided to play the racist/sexist/bigoted card by releasing a short video about how White Men can do...
[Gaming] No Brianna Wu, Samus isn't trans
Published: 2 years ago
Brianna Wu, takes an offhand comment made 25 years ago about Samus Aran and thinks its 100% valid proof that she's transgender. This my friends, is a SJW...and absolute bullshit. Brianna's...
[Gaming] Does Kojima love taking the piss out of SJW's?
Published: 2 years ago
Yes, yes he does. Support my channel: PayPal: Patreon:
[News] WTF - Melissa Click claims Mizzou fired her because she's White?
Published: 1 year ago
Former Mizzou Associate Professor Melissa Click has resorted to pulling the "race card" when describing the reason for her termination. Its both sad and pathetic that she refuses to understand...
4chan trolls SJWs with "It's Okay to be White" posters
Published: 1 month ago
4chan's /pol/ board decided to turn the tables on the easily triggered regressive left by launching "Operation White", and they posted "It's ok to be White" in cities and universities around...
So...I was just Swatted.
Published: 1 year ago
Yup....been a fun afternoon. ▻ Help me get new gear with Amazon! ▻ Support me on Patreon - ▻ One time Paypal Donation - https://p...
I am a Gamer NOT a terrorist (NSFW Rant)
Published: 3 years ago
Sorry....I'm super fucking pissed right now. Subscribe Here: /user/mundanematt?sub_confirmation=1 If you'd like to support my channel, please consider turning off...
[News] WTF is the deal with Emma Sulkowicz & #FakeRape?
Published: 2 years ago
It looks like the activism shoe is on the other foot now. Things should get interesting as a result. Support my channel: Amazon Affiliates:
Patreon investigates (and clears) Sargon of Akkad for "misconduct" at VidCon
Published: 5 months ago
Pre-Order the Magic Hour of Devastation Booster Box Bundle (affiliate link) After being defamed and attacked by Anita Sarkeesian at VidCon, "culture warriors" cried...
Equifax basically doxed 143 million Americans due to hacking
Published: 3 months ago
AMAZON: Equifax has been hit by hackers, and they have reportedly stolen the data of 143 million Americans. To make matters worse, Equifax execs...
SJW Comic Writers conspire to harass YouTube critic at NYCC
Published: 2 months ago
Diversity & Comics, an up-and-coming youtube commentary channel, has discovered that several comic book writers for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Image Comics have been consipiring to goad...
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