MundaneMatt DOXED!!!
Published: 2 years ago
This is me. Blackmail Email: ReviewTechUSA Video: Enjoy.
[Internet] I REACT to #UnsubTheFineBros
Published: 2 years ago
The Fine Bros. dun goofed with REACT WORLD, and when the internet at large tells them their idea is shit...this is how they respond. Watch the counter in the video too, you'll see what its...
[Gaming] Anita Sarkeesian doesn't understand BREATH OF THE WILD
Published: 1 year ago
Through the Feminist Frequency twitter page, Anita Sarkeesian started attacking LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD for being sexist in how it handles Zelda without even knowing how the game...
Marvel is looking to cancel some SJW comics (Good)
Published: 4 months ago
Reports are coming out that some of Marvel Comics more SJW-ish publications like AMERICA CHAVEZ, GWENPOOL, and ICEMAN. If this is the end of SJW can't come quick enough. https://on...
How we win #GamerGate and change gaming for good
Published: 3 years ago
These are my thoughts on how to move forward, if you have differing ones, please let me know in the comments. Subscribe Here: ...
Anita Sarkeesian attempts to re-write #GamerGate's history
Published: 4 months ago
In another attempt to push the "victim narrative", Feminist Frequency's Anita Sarkeesian attempts to re-write the history of GamerGate by toothlessly deflecting from what actually happened....
[News] WTF - Swedish Feminists "Gender Equality" Snow Plow program causing huge ruckus
Published: 1 year ago
Sweden is the country to make fun of when it comes to how feminists are truly screwing things up. Sweden's Green Party pushed through an initiative for "gender equality" in snow plowing by...
[Gaming] FTW - Male writer impersonated Feminist Gaming Critic, tricked Mary Sue twice
Published: 2 years ago
There's nothing I love to see more than the progressive blogs get a straight kick to the nuts for not verifying the shit that goes on their site. Mark Ankucic's "Sandy Beaches" was a perfect...
[Comics] A comic fan explains the backlash against Female Thor
Published: 3 years ago Support my channel: PayPal: Patreon: Amazon...
NBC caught doing unethical things to connect Gamers to racists
Published: 5 months ago
Last week NBC published a video trying to link gamers to the alt-right. This week we learned that the journalist working on the piece acted unethically in obtaining a key piece of info used...
[Comics] FTW - Marvel Comics drops politics in favor of good stories
Published: 1 year ago
After the last couple years of hardcore identity politics pushing from Marvel Comics, they are finally dropping politics in order to tell good stories with their key characters. This is a great...
GAME ON: It Ain't Over
Published: 4 years ago
Game on!
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