Weird Al Yankovic "Handy" Lowes Style
Published: 3 years ago
Lowes of Exeter Township, Pennsylvania was named the Top Store in its region for customer service. This video is a congratulations to all of the employees that ...
1917 Ford Model T
Published: 7 years ago
Sorry, but the car is no longer for sale.
Sega Bonanza Star - Starline slot machine
Published: 7 years ago
This vintage slot machine is for sale. I've not found another exactly like it anywhere on-line, but from my research, this machine was most likely built between ...
Memorial Day speach by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Published: 8 years ago
Oliver Wendell Holmes gave a stirring speech on May 30th, 1895. We at VideoWorks would like to share part of it with you and in doing so, honor and thank all of ...
The Origin of Santa Claus
Published: 8 years ago
Do you know the true story of St. Nick? How far does his story date back? Would you believe 303AD? Watch this brief program to learn about Nicholas of Myra ...
Schuylkill SMILES
Published: 6 years ago
Learn about dental health for children and what causes tooth decay.
Redner's Shopping Spree 2015
Published: 3 years ago
The winner of the United Way of Berks County's 3 minute shopping spree had his chance to dash through the aisles of Redner's Markets, and he made the most ...
United Way of Berks County's Redners Shopping Spree
Published: 2 years ago
On January 12th, 2016 Zeb Ganster raced through the aisles of Redner's warehouse Markets in Sinking Spring for a 3 minute shopping spree. Ganster won the ...
Favelle Favco Cranes
Published: 5 years ago
Every once in a while we dig a video up from the past to see how well the message holds up. This one is still able to carry it's own weight (sorry for the bad crane ...
Brubacher Excavating
Published: 6 years ago
Brubacher is Shaping The World We Live In.
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